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Chromium Picolinate


Updated December 02, 2010

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There is some evidence that chromium picolinate can help reduce blood sugar levels, which tend to be elevated in women with PCOS. Some physicians feel that gaining control over a woman's blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity can reduce her symptoms and help her start ovulating again.


Chromium picolinate is generally well tolerated, though it is important to speak with your doctor about possible interactions with other medications you are taking. This is particularly important if you are taking medication for your blood sugar.

How to Take Chromium:

Chromium is available in a few different forms including a yeast product, trivalent chromium and chromium picolinate. These are all generally well tolerated, though it may take some trial and error to see which one you prefer. Research has not determined the most effective dose and recommendations range widely. Some practitioner believe that as little as 25 micrograms may be all that's required, while others believe that up to 200 micrograms is most effective. Follow your doctor's recommendations on the right dosage for you. Speak with your physician before taking chromium.
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