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Adding in daily exercise is a great way to kick start any weight loss plan. It's also good for your body and mind, and for helping to prevent complications down the road.

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May Content

Saturday June 1, 2013

I've got a few new pieces this month. Relocating across the country with my family last month made me realize how difficult moving can be, especially when you're  dealing with a chronic disease. Check out this article about moving when you have PCOS to get a few ideas to make it  a little easier.

And a few more:

Do I Have to Take the Pill if I Have PCOS?

How Long Will it Take Me to Get Pregnant if I Have PCOS?

Can I Have Kids if I Have PCOS?


Wednesday May 15, 2013

My apologies for the lack of activity lately - my family and I moved all the way across country (with my two little boys and a big crazy dog) to sunny southern California.  I'm so excited to have accepted a new position with a fertility clinic there but the transition, to say it mildly, has been a challenge.  We have finally settled in and I am so excited to be back at work here at About. Check back soon for new content this month and thanks for your patience!

New in March

Sunday March 31, 2013

Talking to your doctor about a chronic condition can sometimes be stressful. Many women even report having more questions at the end of their visit then they had at the beginning. If this is you, check out this guide to having meaningful conversations with your doctor about PCOS.

Metformin is a drug that is commonly prescribed, though off-label, for women with PCOS. Many studies have found that it helps correct insulin resistance, aids in weight loss and can even regulate ovulation when used with Clomid. But should you continue to take it if you become pregnant? Check out this information about taking metformin in early pregnancy.

February Content

Thursday February 28, 2013

Sorry for the slim pickings this month - I have been wrapped in some crazy stuff going on in my personal life. It's good news but slightly terrifying at the same time...

Anyway, since February is American Heart Month, I decided to focus my new content on heart disease and it's relationship with PCOS. Check out these two new pieces and stay tuned next month for the rest of the series!

Preventing Heart Disease When You Have PCOS

Treating PCOS Related Heart Disease

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