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Updated July 15, 2009

Women with PCOS need to maintain a healthy diet to reduce their risk for many of the complications associated with the disease. Minerals are an integral part of any healthy diet. Minerals are inorganic materials, meaning they are not alive, or do not originate from living things such as plants or animals. They serve many important functions within the body. Read on below to see detailed information about each of the major minerals.


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Mineral Recommended Daily Intake Function Sources
Sodium minimum requirements 500 mg acid base balance, nerve cell transmission, fluid/electrolyte balance processed foods, meats, vegetables, canned soups
Calcium 1000 mg bone and teeth formation and maintenance, nerve transmission, muscle contractions milk and milk products, fortified orange juice, green leafy vegetables
Potassium minimum 2000 mg fluid/electrolyte balance, acid base balance, cardiac muscle contraction fruits and vegetables (especially bananas), beans, whole grains, milk
Phosphorus 700 mg bone and teeth formation, acid base balance, energy metabolism animal products, bread, cereal, eggs, milk
Magnesium 310-320 mg bone formation, nerve transmission, carbohydrate metabolism green leafy vegetables, nuts, chocolate, whole grains
Iron 15 mg oxygen transport on hemoglobin molecules (iron plays a large role in hemoglobin formation and functioning) beef, liver, red meats, tofu, fortified cereals and bread
Zinc 12 mg wound healing, sexual maturation, immune function meat, fish, egg yolks, whole grains, milk
Iodine 150 mcg plays a large role in thyroid hormone formation and functioning salt, seafood, bread
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