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Readers Respond: How I Dealt with Hirsutism

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Updated May 06, 2009

Hirsutism, or abnormal hair growth, is a common complaint in women with PCOS. This hair is usually found on the face, neck, toes, chest or back. There are many ways to remove this extra hair - from shaving to waxing to laser hair removal. How have you managed it, and has the method you've chosen worked well for you?


i just have these ugly hair on my chin and chest i get medical care which includ spironolacton and ciptotron compuod and i was about to lose my fitnes so i leave it and then i start working with tweezer in first step u r happy but little by little they becom more and more and ow insted of 7 hair h have 14 on my chin!
—Guest bahar

Not loving hair removal...

I'm 18, I've had excessive body hair (back, stomach, chest, bum, chin and upper lip) since I was about 13. When i first noticed it I shaved everywhere (apart from chin and upper lip because that didn't appear till about 16/17). That was a big mistake. After that I tried hair removal cream and waxing, both of which claim to reduce visibility of the hairs, and they were very time consuming and didn't last very long. Now I just leave it all apart from my chin and upper lip because it's obviously very embarrassing to be seen with a beard and tash! I would like to get laser or electrolysis but I can't afford it.
—Guest Guest O.


am threading since 10 years & i do it once a week but i feel this option to be safe n best bcoz hair doesnt grow thick n hard and this method is cheaper n quicker too!
—Guest safron


Am I the only one using an epilator on the chin/face???? Can't believe this.
—Guest Epilady

Laser Treatments

I had been doing the plucking and waxing routine but researched the laser hair removal and was satisfied with the price as well as the results so far. If you are interested in laser hair removal start researching spas in your area that offer the service. Sign up for monthly newsletters/deals. The ones I had looked into offered buy one area of LHR and get one free; total for lip and chin was around $600. Some pain during the procedre but the discomfort resolved within an hour. I will need to go in for follow up appts once every 6 - 12 months but it has been a dramatic improvment!
—Guest CL77


I refuse to shave as then I would have the problems as the women above. The only thing worse than the hairy face is the man-skin I would get from shaving like a man! Bumpy and irritated. So I just pluck, daily, several times a day. I also let the upper lip alone; it's thick but very blonde. I have a full blonde beard too on my lower cheeks I just ignore. Ppl notice it but and think wat they want, but anything I use there makes me red, w/my face screaming to the world--hey, I grow facial hair in a male pattern! My neck is always red, bumpy w/ingrown hairs and has at least 1 scab from digging out an ingrown hair. I look diseased. I would never look twice at me if I was a man. Of all the symptoms of PCOS, hirsutism is the most unforgiveable by our society. Ppl are sure we are just lazy slobs. If only they knew I spend roughly an hr day ALREADY!

How I dealt with Hirsutism-Electrolysis

I have read through all the responses and ladies has anyone ever heard of ELECTROLYSIS? It is the only method of permanent hair REMOVAL approved by the FDA. Laser is NOT approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal it is ONLY approved for permanent hair reduction. In fact an article appearing in Dermatologic Surgery, June 2003, stating people getting laser treatments are seeing new terminal hair growth adjacent to the treated areas, especially in the chin and sideburn areas. With ELECTROLYSIS treatments, although it might take some time, you will not see that happen. My suggestion is see an ELECTROLOGIST. Go to an Electrologist and have a short 15 minute treatment to try the proceedure out . You can go to the American Electrology website and find someone in your area www.electrology.com . I know it works because I am an Electrologist with more than 30 years experience and have treated many women with PCOS and the results have been phenomenal.
—Guest Ann Lombardozzi

Mostly shaving

I have used about every method at one time or another. I currently shave my face with an electric razor and I have been using the Silk'n Epil for about a year with okay results. I have very light skin and very dark, course hair that left a shadow even if I shaved close. The Silk'n has helped reduce the shadow and a lot of the hair. The remaining hairs are lighter and finer. The Silk'n is similar to but not as effective as the EpiLight I used years ago in a Dr.'s office. I would like to try the Tria (although it isn't approved for face). In the past I have used bleaches, creams, waxing, plucking, epil lady, razors, and other stuff. I have a severe case I guess and it always comes back.
—Guest Wendy


shaving doesn't work.. in fact, it increases hair on my face.. so I tried tweezing... And I think it reduce the hair growth..
—Guest fathi

Laser, birth control pills

I wax the hair on my face, chin and neck, my tummy. I had laser treatment done, but I think due to the PCOS I'm still seeing thick hair return. I'm continuing with laser treatment. It HAS reduced the amount of hair definitely, but I can't say for the LONG TERM benefit bcz its only been a few months since my last treatment. I would love for my husband to louch my face or kiss me on my cheeks. But I'm so self-conscious of the little hair that grows (which I can't wax yet), and it is thick, so the feel to my face is not smooth and soft, so I avoid letting him touch my face. I've just been put on birth control pills to help control my androgen levels. I don't know how far it will work. I put my trust in God!
—Guest blitheone

Shaving PCOS

I am 30 years old and have been shaving my face, including neck and chin, since high school. I faced the ridicule of facial hair with name calling. I was called the "bearded red head". It has been a troubling experience. I have seen so many different types of doctors with no permanent help. With red hair...I tried the laser, didn't work. I have seriously sensitive skin because I am so fair. I have tried waxing and that broke me out so badly. If only insurance would cover electrolysis for those with a medical condition. I am now on Metformin, Spironolactone, and birth control. I can only hope that I see some results. I have let PCOS change the way I have lived my life by believing things I was told by others in school. I basically just tried to blend into the background. I am trying to make a difference. Please post anything if you are a red head with a success story!
—Guest Ann


i shave but cos i have fair skin the hairs are very dark and thick the problem at min its come to a point where i have to shave 1-2 times a day very annoying
—Guest helen

Try for shaving.

I switched many years ago from a regular safety razor to an "eyebrow razor". It is sold at salon supply stores has an exposed razor- without the plastic surround and moisturizing strip. Shaving against the grain or the hair helps especially for those of us that shaving promotes darkness and additional growth. For the hairs that are already dark and whiskery additional tweezing may be the go between of times needing to shave. I only have to shave one 10 to 14 days. I also check for the places I know I have thick black hairs every 3-5 days for tweezing.
—Guest Anonymous

Daily Plucker!

I pluck daily! The hair on my chin, and neck for sure, as far as the face, i wax once a month. Tweezerman makes a some great pluckers!! Very frustrating to maintain daily..but ive been at it since for the last 15years, and its gotta be done!
—Guest kahea

Shaving and Having Razor Bumps

PCOS is so difficult to manage when it comes to facial hair growth. I started shaving my face about 4 years because the dark hairs got so long and coarse. I have light skin and dark hairs. A hot towel and washing the face once before shaving works well. Yet, I constantly have neck bumps and irritation. I plan to wear lots of turtle necks that don't ride down until my neck heals and then I plan to only tweeze my neck and continue to shave all else while maintaining my medication. Proactiv also helps!
—Guest CT Lady

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