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Readers Respond: What Symptoms Led to Your Diagnosis of PCOS?

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Updated April 29, 2009

From the article: PCOS Symptoms and Signs
Getting a diagnosis of PCOS can be difficult. Some women are diagnosed early in their teens, while others are not even aware they have PCOS until they try to get pregnant. Symptoms like irregular periods, abnormal hair growth and acne also vary from woman to woman. So I ask, what symptoms led to your PCOS diagnosis?

I hope I have PCOS

I'm 17 years of age and last year I was diagnosed with Pcos, my life has been very hard because I developed It very early I was eating healthy, drinking only water no soda and exersising 4 times a week and i wasnt losing weight the only thing that was happening was that I would gain 10 more pounds a year I was scared and Depressed , and It took several years and doctors to figure it out. The worst part was when I went to this one doctor who was trying to tell me that i was fat and that i needed to exercise even though i was telling him that I was having only 3 periods a year and I have a healthy diet. A couple years after that a different doctor put me on metformin and prometrium to treat my pcos so far the prometrium is working but the metformin is not. My doctor is still testing me becuase he feels that I have another problem so hopefully I dont and that I need different medicine all I want is for my problems to be solved so I can continue my life without worrying what else I have.
—Guest Kori


I went to my doctor after my periods had stopped for roughly 4-5 months. I was 27 and had been regular with menstruation since the age of 12. I had gained a few stone over a couple of years but put it down to lifestyle, and was still in pretty good shape. Blood tests were performed and the results came back with extremely high levels of testosterone, everything else was normal. Because of this I was given an ultrasound which showed follicles on my ovaries, and I was given a clinical diagnosis of PCOS. I was then referred to an endocrinologist and prescribed Metformin, which is a medication used to treat Type 2 Diabetes, insulin resistance and PCOS. This gave me severe stomach upsets and I was switched to the slow release version (SR) which has been fine. I have lost a stone and a half in 7 months and my periods have started again, although they aren't very regular yet. Since diagnosis, I find occasional hairs under my chin and have been put on the pill to remedy this.
—Guest London Girl


I found out I had PCOS when I was 26. I've always had irregular periods. So, I didn't think anything was abnormal when I went over a year without having one. I was diagnosed with PCOS when my ob/gyn did an ultrasound and confirmed the ovarian cysts. I have hair on my chin, chest, and stomach. I have acne. Also I carry most of my weight in my abdomen. About a month ago, after once again not having periods, the doctor I am seeing now put me on a special diet. I eat fish, no meat (because of the hormones), veggies, fruit, grains, and greek yogurt. I have lost 23 pounds (need to lose about 200 all together). My period started after about a week without meat or processed foods.
—Guest terri

after 14 years...just being diagnosed

I started my period when I was 11 years old. I grew up as the big girl in class. I always had slight facial hair...and to me normal periods were having one for 2 to 3 weeks then not having one for about 3 months or so. When I was 20 I got pregnant and at 20 weeks my body through myself into labor and my son was still born. Now I am 24 almost 25 and my boyfriend and I got pregnant recently...I miscarried and went through alot of tests. After living my whole life thinking I was normal my world crumbled. I was told I have PCOS and need to see a specialist. That happened a week ago so I am still trying to cope and understand whats going on. I guess its just one of those things you have to take one day at a time.
—Guest Ashley Marie

Just Diagonized

Hello everyone, i am diogonised with PCOS today. I am 23 and had few regular periods a year. have hair growth on abdomen. I went to see doctor when i didnt had periods for 5 months. He recommended Ultra Sound which showed that both my ovaries are enlarged and have minute cysts on pheriphery. Im depresses
—Guest Ann


I've always been skinny. When I was 14 I had my period during 2 months , probably more. This is what caused me to go to the doctor and after an echo I was told that I had PCOS. I was extremely skinny by then. I usually have periods that are irregular and last more than a week. Acne that never completely clears up, some body hair where it shouldn't be and skin darkening specially on my buttocks. My skin also turned incredibly dry when i was in my 20's, I always felt very very tired and slept way too much. I am currently using the pill .
—Guest Skinny

Do I really have it?

I'm overweight (have been all my life) and my periods have always been on the heavy side and not quite regular. When I began experiencing slight PMS as a teen (mild mood swings), my doctor told me I have PCOS. However, I dont have any other symptoms - no insulin resistence, no skin velvetization, no excess body hair, no thinning hair, no acne, no period pain - nothing! She put me on birth control, which has totally regulated my periods. Since starting it, however, my blood pressure has been higher than usual (normally it is very low, currently it is 'borderline'). I am not convinced that I have PCOS and I think I should stop taking my birth control pills since it is known that they can cause high blood pressure, but I am scared to just stop. My doctor wants to keep me on the birth control and add a blood pressure medication - did I menton that I am only 28? I am too young for high blood pressure! While I am definately chubby, I exercise regularly and eat a moderate diet. Advice?
—Guest Jennifer

Mom Diagnosed- Verified by Doctor

I developed early and got my period when I was 10. I was skipping a lot of periods- sometimes 4 or 5 months at a time. I had acne and had tried everything to get rid of it. I also had an abundance of hair and was having trouble with keeping weight in my abdominal region, even though I was thin everywhere else. My doctor had tested me for Hypothyroidism and Lupus, both tests which were negative. My mom read an article in a magazine about PCOS and said that it sounded like my symptoms. I had an ultrasound of my ovaries, and sure enough I had an abundance of tiny cysts on them, along with a positive result in my glucose-fasting test. I was put on birth control and Metformin. The birth control has made my periods regular, however I suffer from severe PMDD. I stopped taking the Metformin because I couldn't remember to take it regularly. I have found success in keeping most of my weight off by avoiding carbs and eating a high protein diet. I still have very bad sugar mood swings however.
—Guest Alex

something i didnt want to hear

It took me a long time before anyone knew why i was having irregular periods and not loosing any weight. Every doctor said maybe pcos but then no till about the age of 21 finally a smart doc came around and actually said it was true. The one thing that was on my mind more then anything can i have babies? he said it is a possibility if i do the diet and work the weight of so that my body can become regular. though its hard i am dedicated to working on this and not letting it control my life and in the future hopefully i will be able to get pregnant when the time is right
—Guest debra


I told my Dr that I had some weird symptoms like facial hair, dark skin patches, thinning hair and pelvic pain so he did a ultrasound to check for PCOS. He later called to tell me the blood and ultrasound results show everything looks normal. He did mention however that 1 ovarty is slighty larger than another, but otherwise I'm fine. I'm still not convinced that I don't have PCOS. Too many of my symptoms match PCOS.
—Guest lisa

Cannot handle another diagnosis

I am 28 and I have had alopicia my whole life, worn a wig since I was 4. I started going to the gyni when I was 18 and went onto the pill and later on went onto the Mirana loop as I suffered from terrible period pain. I used to go to the gyni anually and at the age of 24 I started developing cysts on my ovaries and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. After my third op in 3 years they found out that I had two uterises (didulphicuteris). I was advised to go off the pill and have been off now for over a year. My periods are regular, I am not over weight, I have never suffered from spot or acne, headaces or any of the other symptoms of PCOS. I went to the gyni for a check up to find out my endometriosis is clear, but now I have been diagnosed with PCOS.Every diagnosis that I have received has been blamed on stress! I bought a book on it and have put myself on a Low Gi, High Fibre, low sugar diet. I am getting married in October and all I want is a family.
—Guest Jules

"I'm not crazy after all"

LMP started at 10-1/2 years old. Experienced what was considered PMS 2 years later (nausea, vomiting, chills, terrible cramps), all of which kept me out of school a day or 2 prior to getting my period. At age 18, those symptoms subsided, but then started with migraines and acne (having the clearest skin as a teenager). My acne calmed down for a few years (between ages 24-27), and migraines associated with my period let up by age 30. Acne returned with a vengeance at age 30 (being cystic) on face/chest/back, hair growth changed, melasma on face/legs, muscle cramps, severe weight LOSS, severe mood issues with anxiety/depression, and actually being diagnosed as bipolar at age 35! I was blown off by multiple specialists between ages 35-39. After much research on my own for years, asked my OB/Gyn to do TVS and check hormone levels summer 2009. RESULTS: Ovaries normal; hormone levels not. PCOS finally diagnosed! Prescribed Yaz and spironolactone; feeling hopeful for a normal life at age 40!
—Guest Stacey L.


I got diagnosed in 2007 after a miscarriage. Its Been 3 years Since then and I'm still having nno luck. I've tried clomid but it didn't work. So my husband had some testing and well he has a low sperm count so its that much harder for us. All I do is cry and wonder when it will be our turn. So does anyone know if its okay to be on birth control while having pcos? I actually have my periods every month...sometimes twice and month. I Have the black patches of skin and the weight gain. I've gained 60 -70 lbd in 3 years.
—Guest mya

Lifelong issues with PCOS

I started having irregular periods when I was only 13. Instead of sparse periods, mine were heavy and lasted forever - sometimes months at a time! At 15, my mom finally took me to the doctor. I had a D&C first (like an abortion without the fetus) to see if that would clear out the excess endometrial lining, but it didn't work. So, I started birth control. This regulated my periods. Yay! However, later in life, I found that the pill greatly dampened my libido, so I stopped using it. During my first marriage (age 29), we tried to conceive and were unsuccessful. That's when I was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor believed that losing weight (I was about 200 lbs. at the time) would help. I lost 30 pounds and kept trying to conceive, without luck. Now, at age 35, I'm in my second marriage and hoping to try for children in another year. My periods are now regular and I'm on a diet and exercise program to get down to my goal weight. If this doesn't work, I will try Metformin. Wish me luck! :)
—Guest Kate

my battle with gettin my pcos diagnosed

I got married in September 2007 . And we wanted children, so we started trying right on out honeymoon. But my period showed up two days after my wedding. So much for honeymoon baby..... but I just figured we would try later the next month... growing up, my periods were always about every 35 - 40 days. That was normal for me, or so I thought. I went to four obgyns before one of them finally figured out my problem. My first one said i was IR and put me on meds... i didn't care for her, then i changed docs. This doc told me i was IR too, but said that we would try Clomid and see what happens. Blood test and ultrasounds came back with normal results. My symptoms were: excessive facial hair, skin tags (went from one to oodles) irregular cycles, obesity, thinning hair,brown patches of skin, and just not feeling well. I was diagnosed with pcos in October 09 after two years of ttc. now i am on meds, and monitor my Insulin levels every so often. I will have children when the time is right.

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