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Readers Respond: What Was Your First Period Like?

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Updated November 30, 2011

From the article: The Menstrual Cycle
A woman's first period is usually memorable. Thanks to my sister announcing mine to a city street full of people (true story!), I'll certainly never forget mine. What was your experience like?

periods the word

i was getting ready to go on a class trip that lasted 3 days so i had to pack clothes and stuff my mom made me pack pads cause just in case. so we arrived at the camp and i had a icky sensation in my underwear i thought i peed myself so i went to the bathroom and saw blood everywear and i was like oh no it's my period!!! the i just cleaned up put freash underwear on and took a pad. i've learned it's always good to be prepared, and the next day my friend got her first period to so i told weird and i started mine yesterday did you pack pads and she said no so i let her borrow my pads and THE END
—Guest hi guys

Well i did try 2 hide it...

Well, in grade 7, I got it but I didn't want it. So, the first week that I had it, I washed my panties before putting them in the hamper to gett rid of blood. However, by the next month June( I think it was June) it came around again and i was wearing white shorts and i had an after-school sports team and I didn't notice the big huge stain but i'm sure all the guys and the two P.E. teachers were laughing about it, when i got home i was like holy crap, and tried to hide them but my mom found them. And i cried the first time i put in a tampon it hurt so much...
—Guest Cookie Pie.

spelling bee

i was participating in my local spelling bee when i started it was during school but it was at the career center and there were no feminine products so i had to use toilet paper i was 11 and i had to go to my dads that weekend so it was awkward especially since my parents told everybody they and i know
—Guest anonymous

Akward Situation

So i was at swim team and my and my friend decided to skip practice because the coach was really mean so we were walking aroung the high school and i felt crampy and kind of wet down there so i had no idea what it was and when i used the toilet there was blood gushing out of me and my swimsuit was ruined i thought i was dying so i told my friend and she gave me a pad and i was fine when i got home my mom let me stay home from school for 3 days and got me burger king every day.i was 13 and a half.
—Guest Corinne

My First Period

My first period, ok so it was like 2 days ago, but ill still tell u, ok so i woke up like a normal happy girl, then i go to the bathroom like normal then wipe myself, then awkwardly blood came out, i was so stypid i thought i was like wipeing too hard or something like that, so then i just put on a pad (panty liner) for incase, BECAUSE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!! and then later on I have to go to the bathroom again no a poop load of blood comes gushing out of me, like crazy!! Soooo... I call my mom because I was going to have a water balloons fight with my friends (which happen to be all boys) and she told me just to wear a maxi pad. and now it is my third day on my period no cramps no headaces just a lot of bloating and i lose my appetite a ton !! i had my birthday party no the 24th of july and my real birthday is tommorow the 27th of july! Im still on my period!!!! AND GIRLS IF A LITTLE OF BLOOD COMES OUT U WILL MOST LIKELY HAVE YOUR PERIOD SOON AFTER!!! WEAR A MAXI PAD OVERNIGH
—Guest Emily

Umm, Mom?

Well it was like 20 minutes ago, I went upstairs and i had to go to the bathroom, i looked at my underwear and there was a brownish red spot the size of a nickle i went downstairs and told my mom she was on the phone with my sis and they were laughing. I'm 12 btw...
—Guest Guest banana dancer99

Freaked Outta My Mind

Ok so I just started my period two days ago in he afternoon. That day I had been feeling very strange. I wasn't having any cramps, headaches, etc.. But for some reason I had to pee a lot. By about noon, I had some brown spotting. So I changed my underwear and put on a pantiliner. Later that day, I started having a lot if brown stuff and had to change the pantiliner every 2 hours or so. Right before I went to bed, I had to pee. When I looked at the pantiliner, I saw a reddish tint around a brown spot. The next morning I checked the pantiliner I'd put on last night, and there was a lot of that brown stuff, so I decided to "steal" one of my Mom's pads. Sure enough, the next time I went pee, the pad had blood on it! It was hard to tell my mom at first but I just said, "Hey Mom? I had the 'blessing' from mother nature." So she's been helping me deal with pads and such.. I could've waited a couple of years or so! (even though I'm already a late bloomer :P)

wrong time

my parents are divorced and this was one of the weekends i was with my dad. my little sister 9 years old was also there so the night before i was up really late and when i went to go to sleep my lower stoumach felt really weird so i thought mabey finally i would get my period so i woke up in the morning and sure enough it was there it kind of looked like jelly haha so i put tp in my underwere i was so embarresed i coudlnt tell my dad or my sis so halfway through the day my dad and my sister were going to the store so i said i would just stay at the house so i called my mom freking oout and she was just like ill bring you some pads dont worry so when they got back i told them moms bringing me my phone charger they were just like ok when she got there i brang my purse out side and put the little box in there she had gotten the cute colored ones :)
—Guest lollipop


So to get started I was 11 and still am and got my period somewhere around April. I woke up at 6 am on a schoolday before my alarm because I felt like I had to pee. So I'm half asleep and I go to the bathroom see a huge brown stain. I changed my underwear and I don't know what I did with them since I fell back asleep when I wentin my room. I wake up again around 645 to find another stain. Being half asleep still I change and I remember putting them under my bed and sleeping on the floor. Soon after my alarm goes off and I go to school. Throughout the day I have a weird feeling down their but I it's just discharge. When I get home I go to the bathroom and see a much bigger red stain on my underwear and jeans. I walk out and ask my mom for a pad and all she says is "I had a feeling you got it especially after finding those underwear under your bed." I was really embarrassed. I was in 5th grade at the time and one of my bffs got it a couple months before. I hate when I get it. Lol
—Guest UnderTheBed

Assembly and P.E.

I got my first period on a thursday. The night before I had brown discharge. I was 12. It was assembly and before I went in, I went to the toilet because I felt funny. When I got there, my pants were stained with blood.. If I had left it any longer it would have leaked. I got cleaned up and told all my bestfriends. The worst part was that I had P.E after.. I had to run 800M. I had agony cramps and I could barely walk. If I had tried to run, I would have doubled up in pain. My P.E teacher was like (A MAN) You weren't trying your hardest there were you? And I said.. I was i had a really sore tummy.. Awkward or what? :P Lol. It was fine after that though.. :)
—Guest :)

Sleep over

I got mine about three months ago at my friends sleepover... I hadn't used the bathroom all night (y'know having fun), and when I woke up I had to pee. When I went down to sit on the toilet and my underwear was completely brown! I got so scared so I went to wipe myself and the tissue was covered in blood. I practically squealed and when I went to both my friends (My mom didn't tell me much on puberty) they said, "You might wanna put some toilet paper there." Texted my mom and she rushed over. I cant believe i was first to get my period on our trio ._. Anna age 11
—Guest Anna

Happy period :)

Ok I was at a friends house and we were just fooling around .... I felt kinda wet downstairs and thought nothin of it ... Thought it was just discharge .... So I go to the bathroom and go pee ... While peeing I saw brownish red in my panties I was like .... Could it be .... I whipped and pink on the toilet paper ! I was so excited because I thought I'd never get it cuz everyone else had it and I didn't and I was 14 ! So then I went and asked my friend for a pad .... She laughed and gave me one ... I knew how to use it and everything but called my mom to let her in on the good news :)
—Guest Hazle


So it was Memorial Day and I was home from school (THANK GOD) my brothers and my dad were on a camping trip(THANK GOD AGAIN) I was making my lunch when I needed to go to the bathroom so I went and Bam Blood! I was grossed out, But I was glad because I was in 8th grade and I was waiting for it and everyone else I knew had theirs!
—Guest robin

ewwiee D:

Well I was at my friends house when we decided to go for a walk. and that night after we got back i saw dried up blood on my underwear so i used toilet paper since i didnt have a pad. The next morning i noticed i had bled through the toilet paper and completly ruined my white underwear. i had cramps on and off and the next day when we came back from the park i noticed that i had bled through my underwear and my pants so i had a huge stain on my favorite pants D:
—Guest Bri

My "Lucky" Day

My period was SOOOO embarrassing! I was at an 8th grade graduation party at my friend's house. The whole grade was there... like ALL the boys. At the time, i was almost 13, so i sorta was expecting it would come soon-but not at the party!!! So my friend had a pool, right? And i was in the CUTEST new bikini. I was standing aroind with all my friends near the pool, in my bikini, when all of a sudden a few boys walked by me and started laughing. Then one of my friends wrapped a towel around my waist, and gave me a pad. She told me to change back into my shorts and undies and put on the pad. I was SOOOO embarrassed becuase the BOYS WERE THE 1st TO SEE!!! Anyways i changed and put the pad on. The boys still tease me, but that was almost 2 years ago. I didnt even get to swim:((.
—Guest Luucckkyyyy:/

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