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Readers Respond: What Was Your First Period Like?

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Updated November 30, 2011

Being Thankful

I got mine on Thanksgiving when I was 11 years old. I had a little spot the night before, but didn't pay any attention to it. I didn't use the bathroom all day on Thanksgiving until the evening. I was lpoking at Black Friday ads and went to the bathroom. I wiped and found blood, and freaked out. I told my mom, and she got me this big ole huge pad. I was so scared. She got me smaller pads later. I'm thirteen now, and hate my period soooooooo much :(
—Guest Hermione


Well my friend was over one night. We were just taking pictures with my webcam when I had to pee. So i went pee but I didn't notice anything yet. Any way, we finally went to bed around 3 am or so. I woke up 2 hours later, and had to go to the bathroom. I had this strange sensation in my stomach, almost like I had to..er..number 2. Well when I got into the bathroom and pulled my pants down, there it was. My undies were completely SOILED. I'd thought I'd s**t myself. But nope, when I wiped it was blood. Luckily in health class they gave us a small bag full of tampons and pads. I cleaned myself up and went back to sleep (:
—Guest Pink Dancer


Okay. Well, I was in Wal-Mart buying a swimsuit and I had a weird feeling and I was like Hmm... My mum said Whats wrong? and I just said nothin and contuined on. When we got home, I went to the loo and there was the brown discharge. I checked the next day and... RED GUSHING BLOOD!!! I was so scared and I started to cry, then giggle, then pass out. You might crave salty stuff. I DID!! So did my mum. Man, BTW, while I was at Wal-Mart, a woman came to me and said, "Ugh!" I was ticked.
—Guest OMGAG

Most Embarrassing Day Ever

In grade five, I was at a volleyball tournament. I was wearin spandex an a thong. I have never had my period before and I barley knew what it was. I was in the middle of a match when the red called a timeout. She went over to my coach then walked back to the ref stand. my coach then called for a substistution. When she took me out she old me that there was blood running down my leg. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED. I ran out of the gym crying and when I got to the bathroom my friend came in and taught me how to wear a pad. I put it on and walked back out of the court. All the girls from my team laughed at me, but I didn't really mind. Then, the girls from the other team started laughing and it was bothering me a little bit. I tried to ignore it, and my teammates were feeling bad for me so we turned our game up a notch and won the whole tournament.
—Guest Sami:]



is this normal???

it was the end of 4th grade i was 8 or 9 and i had been getting brownish red spots in my underwear it had been goin on for 3 days so i went to the nurse at my school and i said is this normal and she just started laughing at me the i said im serious and when she finally stopped laughing she said yes hun its normal but you kinda got it at a young age and i was like got what and she never answered me so when i got home i told my mom and she was like awwww my lil girl isent a lil girl anymore and me having no idea what she was talking about she said you got your period and you can get pregnant i nearly past out lol i love my mom
—Guest lil lauryn

Help me

Ok so today I sarted an I was at the hair salon n my mum had prepared me for this but I didnt really know wut it was suppose to look like so I had just gotten my hair done when I went to the bathroom n saw a bigt brownish spot on my undies and told my mum!! I started to cry but she just comforted me and took me to CVS to buy tampons:) -not ready to grow up yet-
—Guest So much joy and sadness


ok, so i was at the mall with my crush and we went to the food court and got an icee.i was wearing my brand new jeans and then my crush said ''whats that?''AND I WAS LIKE WHAT!i looked down and i saw it.it was leaking right through my jeans!i just had to have my period right then!stupid puberty ruined my life...
—Guest julia

OMG my new WHITE dress

I was on holiday in greece on a cruise so boaring,and it was the captins table and i had bought a white diamond dress ,which i had saved up money for ages for.i was just standing up to leave when i noticed a red stain on my dress at first i thought it was tomato ketchup ,but then i realised what it was ,so i ran into thie bathroom and stayed in there crying for at least 2 hours . my mum was waiting outside the toilet wondering what was happening then i let her see my dress and she helped me get upstairs without anyone noticing,worst night ever ,sooo embrassing xxxxpeople how saw me leaving resurant with blood down me never stopped starring at me for the rest of the cruisexx OMG x
—Guest nikki

First period from Hades!!

Okay, so it all started Saturday (May 21 2011). I went to the bathroom to go pee. When I wiped, oh, well lookie there! Blood! It had JUST started. There was NOTHING AT ALL on my panties! So I made a makeshift pad, and went out back to tell Mom, who was painting. She looked at me like "Really?!?!" So she took me back to the bathroom, showed me where the pads were, how to put one on, and left me to do so. Soon after, my lowed back began to hurt. I thought I had done something and pulled a muscle. Then my abdominal area began to cramp up. So later, when Mom came in, I told her. Sue said that she cramped up as a kid, and that it was hereditary. So she gave me Ibuprofen and I felt fine. On Sunday, I went to church, did the usual stuff. Monday is when the Hades stuff started kicking in. I vomited that morning and my cramps and back pain were horrid. Mom went to get me some special period medicine, Midrol for Teens I think, and some sprite. I took these. I have vomited once more. I am 11.
—Guest Shaakti07

My story

Well I twirl batons and I was at the school helping the younger girls out. At the end, I had to pee really bad. I went in restroom and I saw a red stain it was like a glance so I assumed it was fuzz but boy was I wrong when I wiped there was blood mixed with discharge I panicked and was excited at the same time. I went in he car with my mom didn't tell her because I was in denial if it was real or not. Got home and was out of denial seeing more blood. So I put a pad on and did not tell her till that night. She was shocked and we talked. So that is pretty much it. I was 13 years old when I started weighing only 88 lbs. And barely fitting in a 32a bra size. Everyone else in my grade pretty much already had it but I felt left out. So I was one of the last
—Guest Aly

Coincidence, much?

It was August 1st, 2010. I had gotten asked out by this guy I really liked, so of course I said yes. I still remember what I was wearing: Purple loose shirt, and WHITE shorts. Me and a couple of my friends decided to go swimming, so I changed into my bathingsuit. I told them that my stomach was hurting and i laid down on the trampoline. Later that night, while in my WHITE shorts, we walked down to the park. I was texting my boyfriend, and I told him that my stomach was hurting. Later that night when I got home, I had to pee, so I went into my bathroom. First, I peed. Then, I looked down, and saw that my new Victoria's Secret underwear were ruined. Then, I saw that my white shorts were ruined. Finally, It hit me. I had started my period in white shorts. I started to cry. But then I realized that about two months earlier, my mom put loads of pads and tampons in the cabinet under my sink. It was around 2 in the morning, so I told my mom the next day.
—Guest Lexi

My First Period!!

My first period wasnt all that cool or funny!! But I was at home-I'm homeschooled - so I went to the bathroom and I wiped and I saw brown and I thought it was poop lol but it was blood and I looked at my panties and they were ruined with blood so I waited one day and then emailed my mom bc I was too nervous to tell her face to face! And she got me U By Kotex Tween pads which I love they r so cute!!!!! And then I emailed my friend and told her I got my period but I put it in code and she couldn't figure it out so her mom helped her and now her mom knows!!:( but she promised me she wouldn't tell anybody! But I guess it's kinda nice having my friends mom to know so that if I get it again when I'm at her house I can just tell her and feel comfortable telling her! But yeah! Oh and I was 11 btw! So yeah I got my FIRST period on May 6th 2011. Yeah not that Long ago!! Well thank you for reading my first period story! -xoxo And good luck!! -Lindsey
—Guest Franny

Oh my!

Today I got my first period and I'm 14. So I was taking a state test and I felt kinda odd. I thought it was just discharge but when I got home for lunch I saw that all my underwear was filled with blood. :/ it was NASTY! Ive only told my friends and I'm the last of them to get it. What a terrible day xD
—Guest Legit ;D

What a shocker!

I got my first period on 9/17/10. I was so scared. I started crying. This was right after school. I realized I had to tell my mom. I was to scared so I didn't. So 7 months later my sister got hers so I realized it was time to tell my mom. I was getting ready for school and I went to the bathroom. Sure enough I had my period again! I was already late so I was trying to decide on how to tell her. I ended up crying and texting it to her cuz she was in her car waiting. She came inside and yelled *my name* lets go! She obviously didn't get it yet. I said hold on and she noticed I was crying. She said whats wrong? I said I already told you. And she asked whats wrong again. I came down stairs and showed her the text. She was silent for a second and said OMG MY BABYS GROWING UP! She told me to wait upstairs and I did and she showed me how to use a pad
—Guest kk7

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