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Pregnancy with PCOS

Share Your Story: Your PCOS Pregnancy Story

By Caroline

Updated June 19, 2010

What I Did:

I was diagnosed with PCOS @ 19 yrs and told then that my chances of conceiving were very poor. I was advised the only treatment option was to take the oral contraceptive pill and to lose weight. I saw several GP's whose unsympathetic advice was that the condition was very common and that I would feel better when I was slimmer! I asked for a referral to a dietician who was lovely but admitted she knew nothing of PCOS and how to treat it. After a few years, my husband and Idecided it was time to come off the pill and see a gynaecologist for some specialist advice.

How I Did It:

My gynaecologist tried all the usual treatments of metformin, hormone therapy, dietary advice and an exercise plan. Nothing was working so we were placed on the very long list for IVF and surgery was advised to investigate any further problems. My expectations of becoming pregnant were zero, the miraculous happened though and I became pregnant! My gynaecologist was perplexed as I was not ovulating and my hormone levels were terrible! I could not believe the baby was real until she arrived! In May 2006 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were advised her conception was a fluke and not to expect any more children naturally. So when my daughter was just 10 months old and I found myself pregnant again we were very shocked! We were then blessed with another beautiful girl.


  • So 4 years on and two beautiful daughters later and an added diagnosis of a bicornurate uterus we feel very blessed. Living with PCOS and insulin resistance is still a battle. I remain period free and am continuously battling with my weight and associated symptoms. I have found the low GI diet to be the most effective treatment and have taken up early morning power walking to help lose the extra pounds.
  • Having successfully had 2 children my approach to the condition is more relaxed now and wish my emotional stress in the early days was not so consuming. My advice; battle one day at a time and follow the diet plan.

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