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Updated April 26, 2011

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Threading is one of the hair removal options for women suffering with PCOS-related hirsutism.  Many women have heard of threading, though may not know exactly what it is or what's involved. Threading is actually an ancient art of hair removal that was practiced by Middle Eastern women.  It is gaining popularity in the United States because of its effectiveness, safety, and relatively low cost.


What is threading?

Threading is a process where the aesthetician uses a small thread to catch and remove excess hair. Unlike tweezing, however, this process can remove several hairs all at once, or entire rows of hair, resulting in a somewhat smoother look. To see first-hand how threading works, watch See the Threading Technique

Is threading painful?

Threading is definitely more uncomfortable than shaving or even tweezing, due to the number of hairs that are removed at one time.  Some women report virtually no pain with threading, others claim that it's quite painful.  Your experience will depend on your pain tolerance.

Where should I go?

You'll want to make sure that the aesthetician has experience with threading before setting up your appointment.  This is truly an art, and not something that can be learned in a quick class.  If done incorrectly, the hair can be broken instead of removed entirely.  This will cause the hair to regrow much quicker.

Is it safe?

Threading is actually very safe.  There are no chemicals applied to the skin, and the thread will be disposed after each client.  This reduces the chance of infection to practically none.

Is threading expensive?

The cost will, of course, vary depending on where you live and the area being treated.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $10 for threading on your chin to upwards of $60 for your full face.

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