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A list of resources and organizations you can reach out to in order to gain support in dealing with your PCOS.

What You Should Know Before Participating in a PCOS Clinical Study
PCOS is one of the most common hormonal conditions affecting women of child-bearing years. That being said, physicians and researchers still aren’t sure what causes the condition, why women are affected by it so differently, and how to cure it. Many researchers are engaging in studies designed to answer these questions and address other...

Deciding to Participate in a PCOS Study
There are several universities, private researchers and major medical centers who are studying the causes of PCOS and the effects of different medications on PCOS. Read on for tips on deciding to participate in a PCOS study.

Finding and Evaluating PCOS Clinical Studies
Once you’ve made the decision to participate in a study looking at PCOS, the next step is finding a reputable clinical study program. Once you make the decision to participate in a clinical study, get some tips here on finding and evaluating PCOS clinical studies.

Medical Information on the Web
Do a quick search online for information about PCOS and you’ll pull up 11,000,000 results. Here are some important tips on finding good medical sources so that you are confident that the medical information you are looking at is accurate and appropriate for your care.

PCOS Resources
There are many PCOS resources available for women with the syndrome. Have you found any PCOS resources that you'd like to recommend to other women? Write your review here!

This is an excellent resource for dealing with infertility. There is a tremendous amount of information here including insurance assistance, and statistics of the major IVF clinics.

American Fertility Association
The American Fertility Association is one of the major organization designed to support couples through the challenges of infertility.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association, Inc.
This organization provides a lot of information about finding clinical trials, as well as up to date clinical information. You can find lots of support on their forums as well.

Patient Resources from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine
The American Society of Reproductive Medicine is the main professional organization for infertility specialists. Their patient information page has a lot of information, including selecting a program, program statistics, clinical trials and patient educational guides.

Soul Cysters
This is a large online community of women with PCOS who provide support to each other. There are message boards, chats, and updated research to help guide you in dealing with the various aspects of this disease.

Project PCOS
An organization whose mission it is to promote public awareness of PCOS, and advocate for increased research and community services dedicated to PCOS. You can get involved in public advocacy campaigns, write your legislator and help get the word out about this disease.

What is Your Favorite Infertility Book?
When faced with a new diagnosis, people often turn to the internet or a recommended book to help them learn about their disease. This is also true of infertility. Books can help you learn about the different treatment options and other valuable information that you need to know. What is your favorite infertility book?

The Best Exercises for PCOS
Find out which are the best exercises for women with PCOS to do and how much exercise women with PCOS need.

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