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Tips to Reduce Injection Pain


Updated April 29, 2014

Let's face it. Nobody likes taking an injection. Unfortunately for women undergoing infertility treatment, injections are a part of life and are often required every day. Here are 5 tips to reduce the pain associated with injections.

1. Numb the Area

Use ice to numb the skin prior to the injection. Make sure to clean the area with an alcohol pad afterward. Some numbing creams are available, as well. Make sure to check with your doctor before using one.

2. Intramuscular Injections? Get into Position

Position yourself however you can reduce tension in the muscle. You may need to lie down or bend over a table, but a relaxed muscle will hurt less than a tense one.

3. Subcutaneous Injection? Choose the Best Site

Choose a site that has a little extra fat. If your stomach is very lean, try injecting into your thighs. If your thighs are small, try giving the injection into your stomach.

4. Keep the Goal in Mind

If it gets difficult, think about why you are taking the medication. If it is because you are trying to get pregnant or treat a disease, keeping that goal in mind may make the fear or anxiety ease a little. Remembering the reason can help reduce both the anxiety and pain. It can also help you keep the discomfort in perspective.

5. Know When to Ask for Help

If all else fails, have someone else administer the injection. Sometimes, despite all of our efforts, self–injection is just not possible. Don’t beat yourself up about it -– many people aren’t able to inject themselves.
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