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Updated June 09, 2012


Typically used in the management of diabetes, but is occasionally used as an off-label treatment for PCOS-related insulin resistance. Actos may also be used in combination with Metformin.


Directly improves insulin sensitivity.


15 to 30mg once daily, or up to 45mg per day if necessary.


15mg, 30mg, or 45mg tablets

Side Effects:

Include swelling, anemia, headache, slow weight gain. Please report any side effects, especially unexplained fatigue, muscle pain, signs of an allergic reaction, or yellowing of the skin of eyes, to your physician promptly.


Please mention any medications or supplements that you are taking, as many common drugs can interact with Actos, including birth control pills, anti-fungal medications, antibiotics, over-the-counter pain relievers, and seizure medications. Some of these may cause increases or decreases in blood sugar as well. Your physician or pharmacist is your best resource for information on drug interactions.


Actos is excreted by the liver so our physician may want a blood test before initiating treatment and periodically afterwards to assess liver function. Make sure to monitor your blood sugar exactly as recommended by your doctor.

How to take Actos:

Take Actos at the same time everyday with a glass of water. It may be helpful to carry glucose tablets or hard candies (not sugar free) with you in case your blood sugar drops unexpectedly.
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