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Should I Have Ovarian Wedge Resection for PCOS?


Updated January 28, 2009

Question: Should I Have Ovarian Wedge Resection for PCOS?

Once the standard treatment for PCOS, this procedure is no longer recommended due to the risk of long-term damage and scarring of the ovaries and other reproductive organs. Get a second opinion if your physician recommends this procedure. Wedge resection involves removing about one-half to three-quarters of the ovary and then sewing the ovary closed.

It is believed that removing some of the ovarian tissue will reduce androgen production. Lower levels of androgens can reduce the symptoms that a woman experiences and may even help restore regular ovulation.

Studies have been inconsistent in the effectiveness of the procedure, ranging from 6% to 95% of patients resuming a normal menstrual cycle and 10% to 90% of women achieving a pregnancy. The reason for this range is uncertain. However, it is accepted that around 30% of women end up with pelvic adhesions or scarring after the procedure, which all experts agree is bad for fertility.


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